A Shelter First

(by Bryan Pollard and Taylor Strickland)

A Shelter First, a 20-minute documentary about homelessness in Fayetteville, Arkansas depicts the homeless crisis hidden in the woods of South Fayetteville, and the possibility of an innovative solution to provide transitional shelter for the Fayetteville residents in desperate need of shelter and other services.

The project was produced by Bryan Pollard and Taylor Strickland as part of a documentary production class at the University of Arkansas School of Journalism and Strategic Media, and advised by Professors Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter.

The film would not have been possible without the considerable help from David King (pictured), Professor Kevin Fitzpatrick, and the many people experiencing homelessness that generously offered their time and insight.

More information about “A Shelter First” available at https://www.facebook.com/ashelterfirst/