Love That Inspires Change

During a season that is so focused on giving, we wanted to share a story with you that has really inspired us to remember that all of us — regardless of age, income, or influence — can make a difference as long as we believe that love can inspire action, action can cause change, and change can make a difference in one, or many, of our neighbors’ lives. 

Meet Eleanor.

Recently Eleanor set a goal of raising $350 in quarters to help sponsor one month of Laundry Love Fayetteville. Watch the video below to hear her story.

Eleanor not only reached that goal in a week but also exceeded her goal and will be able to sponsor almost TWO months of Laundry Love Fayetteville now!


We couldn’t have said it better than this: 

Good grief. You people showed up. Because of kids emptying their piggy banks, change dug out of couches, and friends (even strangers) from afar that opened up their wallets, Eleanor surpassed her goal. We are giving $606 (that’s 2,424 quarters) to Laundry Love – enough to cover ALMOST two months. It’s been a year where we have all felt disheartened with our situations, and maybe more so, with one another. But take heart – there are good people in the world – People who give with no agenda – people who find joy in the next generation of world changers. What a humbling way to close out 2020. Thank you.

– Lacey Bailey, Eleanor’s Mom

Thank you Eleanor for your big heart to serve those in your community this holiday season, and thank you for reminding us that even the smallest of us can make the biggest impact! 

This holiday season, we would love to hear more stories of how our community is choosing to make a difference. If you have a creative way you would like to fundraise for Laundry Love, we are here to help! Contact us at to set up your own personal fundraiser, or to coordinate a quarter drive like Eleanor’

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