Outdoor Seating and Bike Parking for Residents

Modus studio has teamed up with New Beginnings NWA to assist in their mission to serve under-resourced, vulnerable, and exploited communities in Northwest Arkansas. New Beginnings operates a bridge housing community in Fayetteville that supports people experiencing long-term homelessness or facing complex barriers to regaining housing.

The “bike porch” is a multifunctional outdoor fixture designed to act as bike parking, seating, and placemaking for residents of the New Beginnings low-barrier housing community.

The simple form is crafted from a bent 5′ x 5′ steel plate, powder coated, and topped with black locust hardwood. The perforated fold lines in the steel incorporate a mantra of renewal and pride from a resident that reads “just for today” in morse code.

With the goal of creating one for each cabin, each bike porch will be a unique color to bring identity to each user while adding vibrancy and connectivity to the new campus. Placement near the cabin entry creates a de facto front porch, expanding the inhabitable boundary into the surrounding space and encouraging neighborly engagement.

With a recent pledge by another community partner, New Beginnings Residents will each have their own bike for personal transportation. Currently, we do not have a place for each Resident to store their bike in a safe and functional way. We are excited to be teaming up with modus studio to complete the fundraising goal of $15,200 to create 19 more bike porches ($800/bike porch) for our campus so all of our Residents will have a place to store their bikes!  

All donations are tax-deductible, New Beginnings is a registered 5013c and you can learn more about their mission here.

For more information and pictures, checkout modus studio’s website here.

Working with Northwest Arkansas to End Homelessness.

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