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Along with 7 Hills, The Salvation Army, and the City of Fayetteville, New Beginnings has had the opportunity to walk alongside 50+ individuals for the last month at our Safe Camp Project.

Safe Camp Project is a response initiated and led by leaders in the homeless community, with the support of non-profit organizations, so unsheltered people can keep themselves safe during the COVID pandemic. With city-approved funding, Safe Camp Project will be able to operate until the end of November.

What does Safe Camp look like? Individuals have their own campsite within the city-approved designated area where portable toilets are available, wash stations, and a dumpster to help minimize waste buildup. Local non-profits help provide services to keep it safe and clean on a daily basis, and members of the camp help with making sure that the site stays clean and harmonious. Three meals are served each day by The Salvation Army, and the Fire Department helps with medical issues that arise on site.  

Our Director, Solomon Burchfield spends about three hours there each day, walking the site and checking in with everybody. In the course of checking in with the participants, he’ll notify the nurse of medical issues, help resolve disputes, provide health education, and connect individuals with resources to help them with next steps.

We have seen positive results from the Safe Camp Project, and hope that it will continue to meet the need of the homeless during this Fall, while keeping them both healthy and safe during the pandemic. If you would like to help meet the remaining needs of the Safe Camp Project, we are looking for people that will:

  • Provide meals during the weekend
  • Help with ongoing supply needs of the camp

If you are interested in helping meet the remaining needs of our Safe Camp Project, please consider donating below, or contacting us to arrange meals or provide supplies at

Working with Northwest Arkansas to End Homelessness.

Physical Location: 251 W 19th St Fayetteville AR 72701

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