About New Beginnings


New Beginnings is seeking to improve the conditions of unsheltered homeless
people living in Fayetteville and beyond.

Our mission

We operate a bridge housing community to help Northwest Arkansas end homelessness. We welcome people who have experienced long-term homelessness or face complex barriers to regaining housing into our safe, supportive living environment. In our program we promote physical, mental, spiritual well-being and provide housing-focused support to help each person move into a place of their own. In our community, we advocate for the expansion of supportive housing options and join efforts that promote housing justice.

Our vision

We see a future where every person has a safe, appropriate home—including people who face complex barriers to maintaining stable housing. We connect our daily work of providing shelter and support to the deeper work for housing justice in our society.

Board of Directors


Aaron Marshall

Board President

Kevin Fitzpatrick, PhD

Board Vice President

Brock Gearhart

Board Member

Danyelle Musselman

Board Member

Greg Primm

Board Treasurer

Ben Kirksey

Board Secretary

Becca Jackson

Board Member

Mike Rusch

Board Member

Allison Quinlan

Board Member


Solomon Burchfield

Program Director

Egypt Tramble

Housing Specialist

Linda Griffin

Director of Community Engagement

Lenora Warner

Case Manager

Misty Smith

Support Specialist

Lazerick Hall

Support Specialist

Tamikka Burks

Support Specialist

Megan Thomas

Support Specialist

Brandon Pigeon

Support Specialist

Meghan Beatty

Operations and Finance Administrator

Janet Gardner

Director of Healthcare

Jessica Guillory

Garden Coach

Jennifer Cole


Our core values

Our core values

We recognize each person has inherent worth and is entitled to respect, equal treatment, and the freedom to make their own choices.


We are open to the experiences of others and accept others without judgment.


We recognize each person has strengths and abilities and our role is to support and empower them to exercise those abilities to achieve their goals.


We all expect to live up to our commitments and take responsibility for our actions. We accept the natural consequences of decisions we make and grow from them.


We believe people thrive when they live in reciprocal, meaningful, relationships. This means healthy interdependence is the ideal goal, not merely independence.


We identify as a service institution. From the board of directors to staff to how we engage the community in our mission, we strive to demonstrate that it is a privilege to serve our fellow human beings.