A home
for all.


We can help chronically unsheltered people restore hope and dignity — while they work toward stable housing.

While driving, you see someone holding a cardboard sign at an intersection. As you ride along the bike trail, you notice a tent pitched at the edge of the woods.

You want to help, but how? Aren’t homeless shelters sufficient? Doesn’t our government and community leaders have a plan in place?

Even if you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, don’t ignore the situation. See your neighbor. Know that there is something unique you can do to actually help.

Your support is powerful.


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Innovative solutions & empowering support.

New Beginnings is a self-run, community where people recover from chronic homelessness.

Bridge Housing

Each resident lives in their own personal shelter on the New Beginnings campus.

Bridge Housing →

Individualized Program

Each resident works with New Beginnings staff toward their personal goals.

A Plan for success →

Personal dignity

Each resident can participate in setting rules and policy for the New Beginnings community.

The Community →

Our impact since 2018

The journey of New Beginnings began with a desire to offer a unique and innovative solution for unsheltered people in Northwest Arkansas. Today, there are 20 people living in a safe and stable community, with much more to come.

of residents successfully obtained identification documents

of engaged in some kind
of paid employment

obtained health insurance
or began attending health appointments

of people fulfilled their
obligations to maintain
residency in the community

Our Partners

Not just a new beginning for the individuals — a new beginning for the entire community.

"I never thought I could have a home. New Beginnings gave me hope."


"I was a homeless man for 18 years. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. Where I've been I had no help.... I didn't have anywhere to eat, I had no pillow, I didn't have dry clothing. At New Beginnings now I have stability and counseling and people who care about me... I know we can change if we're cared about, if we're guided."

Craig Kritzer

"I became homeless when my grandmother passed. Being homeless was a struggle for me. People out there on the street are suffering, dying, very sick, and really need this help. I think everyone has got to put themselves in our place. We're all human beings; we all have problems. But how would you know what we could do if you don't give us a chance? New Beginnings gave me a chance to achieve my goals and make a difference, just cause we're homeless doesn't mean we're helpless. Everybody has potential."

Terry Logan

Solving chronic homelessness starts today.